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Meet the General Manager of Conveyancing.com.au, Irina Halmagiu
20 June 2022
Meet General Manager of Conveyancing.com.au, Irina Halmagiu, and find out how an engineering degree helped provide her with a unique set of skills as an innovative thinker to become an inspiring, valued leader of our growing team. 
“It might seem like a long way from my tertiary degree but, really, my work is still all about processes,” says Irina Halmagiu about her unique career progression. It has taken her from experimenting with ways to make beer better, as a chemical engineering student intern, to heading a dynamic, digitally led conveyancing brand as General Manager of Conveyancing.com.au. With her commitment to help make property transactions more convenient for Australians buying and selling property, exploring ways to make processes more convenient, secure and client-friendly is an important part of Irina’s job description. 
Irina’s professional move to Deep Blue Company began a few years ago – a move she was motivated to make after being inspired by company founder, Chris Lane, and his vision to create a suite of aligned brands to help Australians buy and sell property.  
Since then, she’s transitioned from a role as project director, to head of operational transformation. Irina’s most recent evolution within the business is her most exciting, and challenging, one yet, with her promotion to general manager seeing her take on a key leadership role at one of the Deep Blue Company property industry brands. 
It’s a career growth trajectory that is indicative of Deep Blue Company’s ability to identify and nurture talent and professional progression. For Deep Blue Company, the genuine commitment to celebrating individual strengths and the part they play in building a stronger, enriching and truly collaborative team is an integral component in the corporate culture. 

That Irina’s career path that brought her to her current leadership role was not ‘traditional’ is testament to Deep Blue Company’s reputation for game-changing vision. 
“I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so much talent amongst my team members, and with a visionary like Chris Lane as my CEO and mentor, there’s always a new adventure to think about.” 

Irina has experienced, first-hand, the freedom Deep Blue Company empowers her with – freedom to navigate her own career adventure as the business continues to evolve and grow. 

“That’s what I love about Deep Blue Company – that your own visions are listened to as well. If you can show the opportunity and the value in it, there is the support to make it happen. It’s a team that drives opportunities – not just one individual.” 
Being part of a scale-up business that is always looking to improve means that the challenge is always being thrown out: what can you do better?  

From Irina’s perspective within Deep Blue Company, she says, “you become part of that bigger journey and you feel like you’ve had an impact”.  
Irina’s deliberate effort to ensure she is also nurturing her “dreamer brain” – is something she says is supported within Deep Blue Company and her role with Conveyancing.com.au.

“The company genuinely wants you to love what you’re doing – and that means you bring the best of yourself to your role,” says Irina.
“The executive team have guided me through challenges and supported me in my growth as a leader. Getting exposure to so many great individuals – at all different stages of their careers – has been amazing.” 
By working within a business that is always looking for the next opportunity, Irina knows that there is incredible career growth to explore in her own professional life as well.

“We know where we’re headed – and we know what the recipe is,” she says of Conveyancing.com.au’s ongoing evolution to support customers throughout a convenient, digital conveyancing experience.

“Next, it’s about taking the rest of the industry on the journey.” 

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