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Introducing Deep Blue Company’s Referral Partnership Program
13 September 2022

Deep Blue Company is building a better way to buy, sell and settle properties. Our brands operate at the core of Australian property-ownership transactions and provide exceptional service to thousands of Australians. Now, through the Deep Blue Company Referral Partnership Program, real estate industry professionals can book high-quality conveyancing and building inspection services for their clients through some of our brands with ease.

The DBC brands operating within the Referral Partnership Program are leading building and pest inspection company, Rapid Building Inspections, and conveyancing firm, Together, and individually, they offer solutions to some of the most important aspects in the sale-to-settlement journey – from pre-purchase contract reviews to conveyancing, and the due diligence of a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

Reliable, convenient conveyancing services from an experienced conveyancing team has a presence across Australia and continues to drive industry change through its commitment to helping Australians experience easier, more convenient and secure property transactions. has a proven track record of success, with more than $20 billion* in property transactions already achieved. Having an active presence across Australia with teams of conveyancing lawyers able to provide state-specific knowledge, helps ensure that each property transaction is given the attention it deserves – at each step of the sale-to-settlement process.

Quality building and pest inspection services you can trust

The range of services offered by Rapid Building Inspections includes building and pest inspection reports, dilapidation reports, depreciation schedules, stage inspections, and methamphetamine contamination testing. Rapid’s inspectors are all qualified trade experts and have access to the latest technology~ to deliver the best possible results, with fast turnaround times and hundreds of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Rapid Building Inspections works thoroughly to help create the standard for the industry, through a National Inspection Framework that is calibrated to Australian standards. This framework includes monthly inspector training and independent reviews of every report before it is sent to a client, to ensure that the utmost attention to detail is given to every client.

The benefits of the Deep Blue Company’s Referral Partnership Program

Joining the program enables strategic partners to access an elevated level of service for conveyancing and building & pest inspections – helping them proactively support their clients’ sale-to-settlement journey.

Deep Blue Company Referral Partnership Program partners are offered the choice of having their referral fees for each booked conveyancing and/or building inspection service paid directly to them or forwarded to a community group, charity or local sporting club of their choice. Referral fees are paid monthly – $100 per completed settlement and/or $50 per completed Building and Pest Inspection report from Rapid Building Inspections.

By connecting clients with a trusted referral partner and being rewarded for it directly or through a donation that makes a difference in the lives of others, becoming part of the Deep Blue Company Referral Partnership Program has measurable benefits for real estate agencies and other strategic partners.

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*Value of property transactions from inception till April 2022

~RBI inspectors carry thermal sensor and moisture detection devices; these devices are only deployed where the inspectors identify conducive conditions and further investigation is warranted.

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