News / Deep Blue Company is celebrating 10 years of business-building innovation
Deep Blue Company is celebrating 10 years of business-building innovation
14 September 2022

Christopher Lane founded Deep Blue Company in 2012 with the launch of Think Conveyancing in direct response to the significant lack of technology and innovation in the sale-to-settlement segment of Australian real estate.

Mr Lane was driven by a game-changing vision to create a more efficient, cohesive, digitally-led experience which would make property transactions easier and more secure for all Australians.

In 2017, Rapid Building Inspections was integrated into the business and the team at Deep Blue Company expanded beyond Australia to include a support team in the Philippines.

Cementing their place in the Australian market with an important rebrand, Think Conveyancing became in 2020 and in the years since, has grown to have offices across Australia, offering conveyancing services to thousands of Australian clients.

More recently, Deep Blue Company launched the free digital offer management and communication platform, Offer to Own, for buyers and agents in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as the Property Helper portal that provides a more streamlined and convenient way to connect buyers and sellers with moving-related service providers, utilities and retailers.

With the strategic acquisition of two more conveyancing brands, First Class Legal in 2021 and bytherules in 2022, the business has grown to now include a staff of more than 400 people.

In just 10 years, Deep Blue Company’s founding vision has progressed into a reality and filled a space in the market that others had thought was too difficult to tackle.

The company’s evolution has been built on a strong foundation of innovation, ambition, learning, agility, and the tenacity to overcome the inevitable obstacles that so many businesses encounter.

It’s an achievement that Mr Lane believes has been made possible by team members “who have shown up, adapted, innovated, and delivered amazing results designed to make the lives of Australians buying, selling, or transferring property easier”.  

Building, nurturing and expanding the operating businesses within Deep Blue Company is a success story that Mr Lane believes offers incredible benefits to anyone navigating their own sale-to-settlement journey – whether they are first home buyers or experienced investors.

The 10 years of business growth that Deep Blue Company is so proud to celebrate in 2022 has been possible “because of the people behind each one of our brands, and the Australian community we serve”, Mr Lane says.

“To every member of our Deep Blue Company team, and to everyone who has made one of our brands such an important part of their own property ownership dream – thank you! As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to all the possibilities that the next ten years will bring,” says Mr Lane.

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