News / Rapid Building Inspections partners with new TV series “Selling in the City”
Rapid Building Inspections partners with new TV series “Selling in the City”
18 October 2022

The expert building and pest inspectors from Rapid Building Inspections are there to help when the new property lifestyle series Selling in the City launches on BINGE and Foxtel on 19 October 2022.

Rapid Building Inspections undertook building and pest inspections on all eight properties featured in Selling in the City before each renovation got underway. The inspection reports prepared by the Rapid team provided insights into each property’s condition, helping guide the decisions in each episode to achieve the best possible renovation results.

Selling in the City is BINGE’s first original lifestyle series, with a focus on smaller urban spaces including apartments, terraces and townhouses in some of Australia’s most sought-after inner city suburbs. The main goal of the series is to help sellers achieve property transformations that suit the needs (and wants) of today’s discerning millennial home buyer.

In each episode of Selling in the City, designer Rosie Morley and landscape artist Paddy Milne join forces to improve both the interior and exterior design of properties in some of Australia’s most in-demand inner-city locations. Their shared goal, like that of so many Australian property investors and home-owners, is to increase the market value of each property they work on.

This is the second time that the team from Rapid Building Inspections have been invited by Warner Bros Television International Productions to share their pest and building inspection expertise, having provided inspections for the most recent series of another popular property lifestyle show, Selling Houses Australia.

Don’t buy (or renovate) without a building and pest inspection

On Selling in the City, engaging the services of a qualified building and pest inspector is a critical step in the property improvement journey. Buying and renovating a property, whether in real-life or as part of a lifestyle TV show, means a significant investment of both time and money. By helping people make informed decisions that help them manage their property budget better, getting a building and pest report from Rapid Building Inspections offers protection that property owners can rely on.

To avoid buying a mistake, get a pre-purchase building and pest report

With offices across Australia, Rapid Building Inspections has built an impressive reputation that thousands of Australians trust.

Detecting potential issues in the properties the team inspected for the debut Selling in the City series was handled with the same eye for detail and exceptional customer service that all Rapid Building Inspections’ clients experience when they are looking for their own property to buy.

Use of the latest and best thermal sensing and moisture technology and tools where conducive conditions are found assist in finding potential problems. On Selling in the City, the Rapid reports reveal the real story behind each property to help inform smarter property renovation decisions.

Know what you’re buying – with a report from Rapid Building Inspections

Rapid Building Inspections do much more than pre-purchase inspections.

Rapid Building Inspections also offer a range of property-related services, including stage inspections, depreciation schedules, dilapidation reports, and drug residue testing. Plus, Rapid’s attention to detail, with qualified building and pest inspectors who adhere to a rigorous national framework, means that they can recognise the issues others might miss.

Australians have had a long love affair with house-flipping and unlocking the potential that may lurk within the types of properties many real estate agents typically refer to as ‘fixer-uppers’.

With a building and pest inspection report from the trade experts at Rapid Building Inspections, uncovering potential defects, pest problems, or even water damage, Rapid’s reports reveal if there is a strong enough foundation for home-owners to build their renovation dreams on.

Don’t miss Rapid Building Inspections on Selling in the City from October 19 – on BINGE and Foxtel

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of house-flipping, or just wants to get their foot on the property ladder and buy a property they can turn into a home they love, the debut Selling in the City series of eight one-hour episodes is must-see TV.


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